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Data Driven Platforms for Reporting

The Social Collective acts as the digital connector between people, NGOs/businesses and companies, and provides a unique service to corporations looking to monitor and evaluate their initiatives - which involve people and impact. No matter who you are, there is a place for you in our movement to change the structure of community engagement. Let us unite all our efforts and move our generation forward. As both a non-profit and a social enterprise, The Social Collective’s core platform offering is innovative and exceptional because it operates on multiple levels:

  • Individual - Join communities (our platforms) which give them easy access to verified opportunities with a social purpose
  • NGOs and Businesses - Any organisation needing people or a field marketing team and a way to report their impact
  • Corporate - An organisation needing technology and their own portal to monitor and evaluate its community engagement and outbound or field network teams and data on a large scale

Volunteer and Community Engagement Solutions for better tracking and M&E

View some examples of volunteer opportunities

After School Soccer Program

Do you love soccer and passionate about young people? Diskienine9 would like you to volunteer to help mentor young players in the township. All you need to do is show up and be a role model to the youth. All training on mentorship will be provided.

Fun with Arts and Crafts

September is childhood cancer awareness month. The CHOC houses need volunteers to help with art and craft sessions to engage the children as well as the mothers as part of the therapeutic treatment plan. Sessions can be organised for groups of volunteers throughout the week.

Volunteer at a Meal Packaging Event

A meal packaging event is a fun and engaging way for volunteers to be part of the drive to end child hunger. Bring your team and have a fun morning while doing some good for the community. This is also a great team building event to get your team members building stronger teams

Looking for better Monitoring and Evaluation?

Profiles , Dashboards, and Reports for Programmes

We provide custom portals with powerful built in Monitoring and Evaluation to support your programme and business. Add your details below and we will contact you

Community Engagement Tracking Solutions

A new standard for individuals who volunteer

How do you envision community volunteering? How would it feel to get access to an online management tool and dashboards to manage and track your volunteerism? How about signing up to a platform that allows you to track your hours invested in volunteer programs, track the skills you are learning and sharing, receive feedback ratings on your volunteer performances and get access to unlimited volunteer opportunities, all from a simple and intuitive solution? Yes, it’s possible. The Social Collective is offering portals for volunteers to companies and governments. The Social Collective is a tool built for volunteers first; corporate companies looking for staff engagement opportunities and tracking, and non-profits and that need monitoring, tracking, evaluation, and reporting - that matches national standards

Are you looking to volunteer and build your Social Employability Profile? The Social Collective offers you an incredible opportunity to sign up and build your Volunteer Hours and Skills profile - a profile showing your volunteer engagements, hours volunteered, feedback ratings and skills shared and learnt per program. The Social Collective is an invention that seeks to empower volunteers by providing a tool to seamlessly integrate your volunteering spirit with the benefits arising thereof. With an excellent profile, you stand a chance to secure lucrative volunteer placements by companies and corporate entities looking to hire volunteers with your skill set and experience. With the The Social Collective, there are endless opportunities. You have a chance to subscribe to organizations that share your volunteer interests and passions or list your own, to be matched to organizations looking for your particular interest. Are you ready to get started? Sign up today!
Recruiting volunteers can be a very fiddly affair especially if unverifiable data about volunteers forms the larger part of their resumes. But with the Social Collective, you get access to thousands of volunteers whose history and performance data has been monitored, evaluated and vetted by Volunteer and Community Engagement Tracking experts and partners. The Social Collective gives you access to a volunteer’s Social Employability Profile with accurate critical decision making information such as a volunteer's verified program hours, User Profiles, Shared Skills, Feedback Ratings, etc. We will also help you build this for your community or network of volunteers, staff and beneficiaries.If you already have a team of volunteers, The Social Collective tool for volunteer and community engagement tracking gives you an incredible opportunity to effortlessly manage your volunteers by monitoring and evaluating a volunteer’s data for decision making. Our community tracking and reporting solutions are tailored to match the needs of today’s community engagement demands and are customized for both web and mobile solutions (including automated SMSes). Do you have a project which needs tracking and monitoring? Sign Up today to improve your community engagement monitoring, evaluation, and reporting. Get access to an online management tool, dashboard and manage volunteers for your projects.
In modern day corporate companies, social responsibility programmes (CSI) and community engagements are a critical aspect of performance and growth that growth auditors, Human Capital and Resources may be interested in. We offer comprehensive, feature-rich Volunteer and Community Engagement Tracking Solutions for corporate organizations thus transforming Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to a more immediate and meaningful endeavor through the use of specialist software and paperless consulting services. Corporate groups generally have plenty opportunities with The Social Collective to improve their programs, strategies and decision making. All this is made possible by creating a system which focuses more on improving the collection and reporting of data for M&E - by putting your staff first. For corporate companies who understand the value of of soft skills, The Social Collective captures individual volunteer profiles and uncovers the progress and experiences of a volunteer across a range of soft skills gained through participation in diverse programs - over and about the basic data, such as time, skills, attendance signatures and feedback (via SMS and star rating). Designed for staff, The Social Collective offers global standards for collection, storage, and reporting of data - including secure local storage solutions (on site data hosting). Add this to the ability to have real-time views of community activity and performance, you get a comprehensive tool for faster insights and verified reports for corporate organizations to make actionable decisions for validated and accurate tracking! Need more ways we can advance your community’s M&E, sign up as a corporate organization and allow us to take you organization to the next milestone.

Simple, Essential Tools

Meet your volunteer management needs in one place, on any device.

Community Board

View, organise and incentivise your entire community on the community leaderboard.

Better Volunteer Matching

We integrate mapping, calendar and personal interests to help volunteers find the most suitable opportunities.

Manage Sessions

Managing volunteering is structured in a 5-step process, taking the guesswork out and putting impact in.

Easy Feedback

Simple forms and direct notifications help you collect feedback from team members, volunteers or administrators.

Impact Stories

Community-generated stories highlight real volunteering experiences.

Social Impact Dashboard

Keep a close eye on key self-defined indicators for social impact.


Packages for Volunteers, NGO and Corporate Companies

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Partners get Data Driven Dashboards

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Diski Nine9 Africa is a registered non-profit company based in Soweto, South Africa (Reg no: 2015/447508/08). Diski Nine9 was formed in 2015 and our objective is to use the game of soccer as a tool to educate and empower young Africans.


Raising public awareness about children with disabilities and the conditions and challenges they face is a core function of the NCPPDSA children’s programme. The main aim of our Nappy Run campaign is public education. A better informed and educated public leads to the protection and promotion of the rights of children with disabilities and their social inclusion. The mass media: TV, radio, the print media and online media are extensively utilised for public awareness raising purposes.

Food and Trees for Africa

We believe that food security and a healthy environment are fundamental human rights essential to our prosperity. There has never been a more important time to act for the good of the planet and South Africa!


Build your skills and time profile

Volunteer opportunities award skills and time. The more you log, the better your social profile.