Our Monitoring and Evaluation System

The Social Collective offers a powerful database system which is managed as a portal for Businesses, Corporates and Non-profits to maintain an intelligent database of their service communities. Here is what makes our process unique in tracking Individuals and Organisations impact. Want to learn more or see how your platforms and service can help you? Contact Us

Create your profile from the portal homepage

This can be your own custom portal, a partner portal or this very portal - create profile

Subscribe to organisations that interest you

Browse organisation impact dashboard profiles which interest you, click subscribe to follow them. These dashboard can be used to run validations on beneficiary organisations, SMEs, sites or programme partners. you set the types, industries, interests and tags

You'll be notified of opportunities

The system generate smart communication [Hi Your Name] with links to keep users engaged. Once you have signed up and subscribed to your favourite organization, you'll get an SMS and email when they have volunteer events

Users can add organisations or an opportunities onto the/your portal

Let you community contribute content - don't worry there is moderation in place. If you'd like to add your Organisation or Business to this platform you may. If you have an upcoming event which needs, an RSVP panel, Feedback and an M&E Framework add it now (you'll need to login)

Algorithms help us sort your community

Networks are generally driven by 10% of the network, We identify these users and help you keep them motivated to make programmes, projects and events successful. Learn how to build your RISE Score.

Fees apply to help us add value to you

View the pricing or contact us for more information.

Click 'count me in' to apply for an opportunity

Search and apply for available opportunities from the list. Create a Profile or Login then click Count me in.

Your application will be moderated and requires Approval

We'll do the checks and get back to you. This allows platform owners to manage large and complex communities. There are built in Line Manage Approval and Compulsory RSVP Questions Answers and Profile Requirements Features to ensure compliance

Fun Events, with or without our support

Track the Skills Shared, Time Spent [Proof of this], ratings and gather feedback.

After you participate give your feedback

Participants are required to submit feedback via 3 x 5 star ratings and a comment box, taking the pain out of pre and post questionnaires

Reporting and Data Collection for M&E

Get insights by using our framework, centralise photo storage, collect stories and automate ratings. Financial Contributions and event costs can also be tracked here. All the info is automated int a beautiful monthly mailer for all platform owners that helps tell your programme and impact journey as an organisation.

Build Validated Profiles

View very users hours, skills, rating and tags on a community leaderboard and watch your community grow.


Want to learn more or see how your platforms and service can help you? Contact Us