Community Engagement Portal Solutions for Companies that love data

We build and run reporting dashboards for companies that care about their data. Taking the pain our of communications, access controls, automated reports and compliance process for specialised communities- This needs to change to management of community engagement

Client Testimonials and Work


End to End Employe Volunteer Programme: Sourcing partners to global compliance reporting with 5000 employee platform and volunteer programme

GrowthPoint Properties

Centralized Staff volunteer engagements and reporting portal, also used to track in-kind donations of assets at a national level

University of Cape Town

Community Service Hours Tracking Solution, integrated into University Transcripts. This solution of offered to universities throughout the world.

Avocado vision

Use a portal as a communication and tracking solution for trainers to report on training workshops and beneficiary details.

ABSA Ready to Work

Partnered with Ever Africa to roll out the Ready to Work program with a community of youth networks who use the platform for scheduling and reporting purposes

Project Isizwe/Ever Africa

Payment collection and payout platform for a network of over 3,4 Million wifi users. The service offers jobs to youth and solution for companies.

Africa Index

Machine Learning Outcomes predictor for Multinationals Portfolio Investment (launch soon...) Sign up for the BETA phase.


Managing your Employee Volunteer Programme (EVP)

If you are a corporate company looking for a system to manage your volunteer and beneficiary networks, then we can customize a portal for you to be able to track, monitor and evaluate your companies investment with people and monies. The solution is IT ready and can integrate into your Human Capital Systems and with an API ready integration.

More of our best features for Corporate Companies:

  • Line Manager Approval. More and even easier approvals. We understand line managers are business people. Read more here.
  • Financial Spend Tacking. For every project, your staff and beneficiaries will be tracking: Donations, Management Costs, 3rd Party Contributions with invoice uploads for perfect and automated monitoring of monies invested in CSI, ED, SED programmes. Read more here.
  • Automated Monthly Performance Report. Your Global or Committee report can be as simple as > open email > smile at your performance > Forward to: Boss Man and Lady > Sit back


Volunteer Days for Teams

If you know what you would like to do with your team, post the opportunity here to get started.

Or contact us, if you would like some options to give your team a day out and serve a local NGO


Post your request for volunteers here and let us know that you would like us to find volunteers that meet your specific requirements by contacting us

What we offer:

Before the event - Scope Beneficiaries, Purchase Gods Required

During the event - Facilitation, bring music and fun, capture signatures and pictures

After the event - Request feedback and complete reports

Related Offering: Secure Data Solutions, Consultation, Customizable platforms and technologies


Access a Reporting and Monitoring Framework

If you are not looking to have your own portal, you can still access a monitoring and reporting framework by listing your company and creating a company profile. The subscription allows you to post and manage volunteer events for your company and you have access to features to help you in the management and facilitation. of your project or program.

You may add your company or organisation here

Read more about the features here


Portal and Programme Partners

By partnering with The Social Collective, we will develop a portal that can manage your data. The organisations and volunteers, interns and microjobers you work with will use this portal create profiles, track their hours, follow up on feedback and monitor and evaluate their community engagement. The portal will be customized to suit you, and we will integrate your data to make it as user-friendly as possible for your clients. Contact us to discuss setting up a portal to manage your volunteer data.


Community Management

We develop and manage high performance teams within companies, our solution assists in managing this process. Communities can: Run internal programmes or run field network services all with the goal of achieve the required community task at hand within budget and timelines.