By Odwa Mgwatyu

Giving back As as child I always grew up with spirit of giving back .but as a child I couldn't understand why I had this urge to give back .seeing someone suffering or in need of something I had use to break my heart into a million pieces .growing up the spirit and the love of giving developed even more I wanted to give more to the needy,if it wasn't my time,love or patients I just wanted to give back .I wanted people especially children to have the childhood I had and even more .seeing a child suffering and begging for food and love Brocke me apart .At the age of 18 I had a strong dream to start my own foundation,it was not about the money nor the fam but simply giving back .I wanted to see that smile on that little girls face when she got a new Christmas dress and a doll for a birthday present.I wanted that little boys dreams coming true of being a soccer star,I had no .idea how was this going to be possible but all I knew that the Lord shall provide.I just did not have a passion of working for someone else ,helping fulfil that person's dreams what about my own dream I use to think ,one thing I was determined to do was to fulfil my own dreams .dreams of seeing the smiles and laughter of those unfortunate.I wanted to say at the end of every success,I. saved a thousand lives and I fulfilled a millions dreams and that alone would make me a millionaire winnings over the lives of .those forgotten and deserted souls .that alone would make me go to bed with a smile on my face. By odwa mgwatyu