Data and Insight Platform Solutions for Companies

>> Managing your Employee Volunteer Programme (EVP)

If you are a corporate company looking for a system to manage your volunteer network, then we can customize a portal for you to be able to track, monitor and evaluate your staff?s volunteering. Your staff will be able to sign up and get approved for opportunities that interest them, and notify their colleagues of other organisations and events by uploading an opportunity for themselves. We will manage your data and report on the number of volunteer hours contributed and feedback provided, ensuring that you are able to meet your goals. Having set events for staff to sign up and volunteer together is an excellent bonding opportunity and a chance for your company to demonstrate that you are all intent on bettering your community. The solution is IT ready and can integrate into your Human Capital Systems and and API ready integration.

More of our best features for Corporate Companies:

  • Line Manager Approval. More and even easier approvals. We understand line managers are business people. The Social Collective makes it easy for those ladies and gentle men by popping them a good looking email, on which they simply need to click Yes, I approval or No, this staff member cannot attend due to other commitments. Read more here.
  • Financial Spend Tacking. For every project, your staff and beneficiaries will be tracking: DOnations, Management Costs, 3rd Party Contributions with invoice uploads for perfect and automated monitoring of monies invested in CSI, ED, SED programmes. Read more here.
  • Automated Monthly Performance Report. Your Global or Committee report can be as simple as > open email > smile at your performance > Forward to: Boss Man and Lady > Sit back
  • Local Hosting. Keep your data as secure as your internal system.


>> Volunteer Days for Teams

If you know what you would like to do with your team, post the opportunity here to get started.

Or contact us, if you would like some options to give your team a day out and serve a local NGO


>> Volunteer Services

Post your requestment for volunteers here and let us know that you would like us to find volunteers that meet your specific requirements by contacting us.


>> Access a Reporting and Monitoring Framework

Find your organisation by searching here, if you do not find it you may add it here. By having a subscription for your organisation, you gain access to a powerful and world renowned Monitoring and Insights system for your matching, reporting, feedback, and compliance reporting. Read more about the features here.

If you are looking to add multiple organisations for more complex communities, then complete this form for us to review if you will need a portal for your needs.


>> Portal and Programme Partners

By partnering with The Social Collective, we will develop a portal that can manage your data. The organisations and volunteers, interns and microjobers you work with will use this portal create profiles, track their hours, follow up on feedback and monitor and evaluate their community engagement. The portal will be customized to suit you, and we will integrate your data to make it as user-friendly as possible for your clients. Contact us to discuss setting up a portal to manage your volunteer data.